Wok Recipe Ingredient List

We encourage you to modify all of these wok recipes according to your own preferences and according to how your stove, wok and cooking environments differ from ours. You may find that your cooking times are faster or slower than ours. You may want to vary your ingredients for this wok recipe or for another recipe. What is important is to pay attention to things that apply to all wok recipes - prawns will always cook faster than big hunks of mushrooms - for example. Practice this and other recipes following our times, amounts, and ingredient lists as closely as possible at first, but then start to modify as you would like as soon as you are comfortable with the wok cooking methods and techniques.

As in all the easy wok recipes presented, change them as you see fit.


For this recipe we'll use:

1) Fermented Black Beans

 - approx 1 tablespoon

2) Fresh Garlic

 - approx 3 medium cloves

3) Fresh Ginger Root

 - approx 1 tablespoon

4) Yellow Bell Pepper

 - approx 1/3 of a yellow bell pepper

5) Portabella Mushroom

 - 1 medium sized ripe portabella mushroom

6) Purple Onion

 - 1 medium sized purple onion (3 inch diameter)

7) Snap Peas

 - 8 to 10 snap peas

8) Jumbo Shrimp / Prawns

 - 4 jumbo shrimp (1 oz ea.)

9) Garnishes

1 Ambrosia Apple

1 Small dish of the finest Olive Oil


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