Easy Wok Recipes | One-Pot Wok Cooking | Ingredient Prep

To enable your one-pot wok cooking to work and actually be easy (rather than just called easy), you need to prepare your ingredients properly for this type of easy wok recipe to work right. This is an important aspect of learning how to cook with a wok easily and quickly, but it isn't difficult in any way.

Knowing your ingredients for the wok recipe

1. Type of Ingredients

Know (it's all explained as you follow the example simple wok recipes) your ingredients. Know which wok ingredients in the recipe cook fast, and which ones take a while to cook in the wok. For example, bell peppers, portabella…

Temperature of ingredients for one-pot wok recipe cooking

Cake bakers and pastry chefs know that the temperature of ingredients is crucial in certain recipes. One-pot wok cooking is not so finicky, but still, temperature of ingredients for the wok recipe is an important part of how you cook with a wok. Don't…

Adding ingredients to the wok in one-pot wok recipe cooking

Typically as part of how you cook with a wok, when you add an ingredient to the wok filled with already cooking ingredients, you add the new ingredient on top of the food already cooking in the wok, and continue cooking in the wok with the lid on for up…


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