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We normally eat our carrots raw in a salad, but because of their refreshing color and crunchy texture they make a nice addition to a wok recipe as well, so you'll likely want to add them to many of your jumbo shrimp and prawn wok recipes. Carrots (like all the foods we use for cooking and eating) have lots of great health benefits - plus you can eat them while you are cooking.carrots_with_topsA nice bunch of carrots with their carrot tops

You can add carrots early in the wok recipe to have them cooked more and a bit softer in texture, or you can add them very late and have them crisp and nearly raw. You can also serve raw carrots as a side garnish - and not include them in the wok cooking at all.

Note: When you store carrots in the refrigerator always keep the tops on them - but bag BOTH the tops and the carrots. If you bag using a plastic bag the carrot tops and bottoms both, then the tops keep the carrots alive and keep them from getting limp. If you only bag the carrots the reverse happens and the carrot tops suck all the water and nutrients out of the carrots! Always keep the tops on, but bag both tops and carrots!

Carrots | Roll Cut for Wok Recipes

Carrots | Roll Cut for Wok Recipes

If you choose to cook your carrots in your wok recipes rather than use them raw or as a raw garnish, you'll want to cut them so they cook uniformly. The trick with preparing carrots for your wok recipes with jumbo shrimp and prawns is to get the pieces of carrot about evenly sized in spite of theā€¦

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