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Thick and Meaty Purple (Red) Onions Cutpurple_onions_pieces

The Incomparable Purple Onions / Red Onions

The Incomparable Purple Onions / Red Onions

Also sometimes called Italian onions or Italian Red Onions, purple onions are our favorite onion for all of our wok recipes with one caveat. We want our onion sections to be crispy and thick - absurdly thick is even better. The right sort of purple onions are the best for this kind of segment profile The best onions in the world for these extra thick segments are the super squat purple onions, but sadly they aren't usually available year round. While you will likely see purple onions in other shapes and sizes throughout the entire year, the super squat and crazy thick segmented purple onions tend to come only in the fall in North America where we do our onion shopping. If you find them - hoard them. You can store them for quite some time while the season is off.purple_onions_wholeFresh Purple Onions with Thick Sections Inside!

You can keep these purple onions refrigerated (not in bags or they will rot) for quite a while if you are lucky. If you get cursed with a mold or rot, then you have to wait until the next season and be very very sad! Try to keep your stored onions separated from one another enough that if one goes bad, you can remove it and save the others.


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