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Follow all of these wok recipes in as relaxed a manner as you are comfortable. If your onion is smaller than our onion, it doesn't matter! If you want less of one thing or more of another, change things. You are cooking for yourself , so modify any wok recipe however you would like. If you follow the approximate amounts of ingredients and the times of cooking, your recipe should come out. At any stage - use your judgement. Add more or less water, cook ingredients for a longer or shorter time. Your stove isn't our stove. Your wok isn't our wok. Listen to the sound of things cooking and react to what your hear see and smell - and you will be fine.

Time to Prepare this Wok Recipe and Cook it

For this wok recipe with the simple ingredient list and with most ingredients requiring very little preparation at all, this recipe took us about 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients before we started cooking in the wok. While the mushrooms and vegetables were cooking we had the jumbo shrimp finishing up thawing and removed their shells. The total cooking time was 8 minutes from adding the first vegetables to the end when everything was fully cooked. Your cooking times will vary slightly, of course.

Cooking times will be faster if your ingredients are at room temperature, and they will be a little longer if you are taking everything out of the refrigerator and it is still cool when you add it to the wok for cooking.

Wok Recipe Preparation and Cooking Times
Preparation: 8 Minutes

Preparing Ingredients for the Wok Recipe

Preparing Ingredients for the Wok Recipe
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