Cooking Prawns in a Wok | How many Black Beans?

Fermented Black Beans are potently flavorful and quite salty, so for a meal serving 1,2 or 3 people you only need one tablespoon or less usually. We like our garlic and ginger as well, and usually use about an equal amount of freshly smashed and chopped garlic and ginger (making a total of about 3x the pile of beans when we mix them up together).

Note: After a while, as with many salty and flavorful foods, you may find you begin to start adding more and more fermented black beans to your jumbo prawn meals to get the same impact you remembered in your first meal. If you notice this, we recommend going cold turkey for a few weeks and then starting up again. You'll be happy you backed off for a bit as you get a renewed craving for the taste of the fermented black beans in your meals once again!

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