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How to Cook with A Wok | More Great Tips

We just added more thoughts and useful tips on how to cook with a wok. Learning how to cook with a wok in a healthy way and in a way which makes wok cooking quick and easy isn't all that hard - but if you never tried wok cooking learning how to cook in a wok may seem a bit daunting so we're hoping to fix that!

Wok Recipe foR Shrimp - testing shell on

We've posted another easy starter recipe for shrimp where we test out cooking some shell-on shrimp in the wok recipe vs. cooking  shelled jumbo shrimp /prawns in the same wok recipe.

Second easy wok recipe posted

We just put up the second prawn wok recipe in the recipes section. We used some red bell peppers for our peppers today in this recipe.

Simple and Easy Wok Recipe - the first

We have posted the first easy wok recipe - a good and easy wok recipe with jumbo prawns (jumbo shrimp) which can serve as a starter recipe for the one-pot wok cooking methods we are discussing.


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