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These wok.recipes.JumboPrawn.com wok cooking recipe pages present prawn and shrimp wok recipes for wok cooking shrimp and prawn in a healthy way with heart and body healthy natural ingredients.

We explain in the wok recipes how to cook jumbo shrimp and prawns along with lots more great foods using the one of the greatest cooking implements every invented by man (we mean the wok, of course).

At wok.recipes.JumboPrawn.com you'll learn simple and easy methods of healthy wok cooking from simple, quick and easy wok recipes which short preparation and cooking times. You don't need to have hours and hours of free time to cook with the wok as some naysayers aver.

Learn how to cook healthy wok recipes using the so called 'one-pot' method of wok cooking where your only clean up from cooking the wok meal is your wok and your wooden spatula! Clean up from your entire cooking process can take only a matter of seconds. Preparation, particularly if you are preparing quick cooking ingredients for the wok as you are already cooking in the wok, can be easily less than 10 minutes. Cooking will take less than 10 minutes, or slightly longer. All less than it takes to wait at a drive through to get some poison from a fast food peddler.
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