How to Prepare Jumbo Shrimps for Wok Cooking

If you are lucky, you have access to fresh jumbo shrimp (jumbo prawns) or other delectable crustaceans right off the docks. All you lucky folks really need is a bucket, so we'll instead focus on the ubiquitous frozen jumbo shrimp thankfully available to land lubbers and all those land-locked inland dwelling folks who still crave the taste of a good jumbo shrimp wok recipe cooked to perfection!

Fresh Jumbo Shrimp and Prawns

If you happen to be one of the lucky few who can get truly fresh jumbo shrimp or prawns, your pre-prep preparation for cooking the jumbo shrimp is simply to rinse them off. If the she shrimp have freshly molted, you don't even need to remove the shells.…

Frozen Jumbo Shrimp | Preparation for Wok Cooking

Frozen Jumbo Shrimp | Preparation for Wok Cooking

Aside from the question of seasonal availability and other practical reasons why fresh jumbo shrimp and prawns may not be available to you, you may find that as a jumbo shrimp and prawn fanatic you need your shrimp at a moment's notice and hence keep a…

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