Cooking Prawns in a Wok | Fermented Black Beans

Already a fabulous complement to a great many wok cooked meals, and a really incredible addition to wok cooked jumbo prawn recipes are Fermented Black Beans which add (when used in moderation) just the right amount of salt and are perfect with the fresh garlic and ginger you'll be using for your best wokking jumbo prawn recipes.

Black beans are rich in protein and beneficial nutrients, but because fermented black beans are potent in flavor and quite salty, you are cooking them in a moderate quantity for their flavor and not so much for their protein - that's why you eat black bean soup! For the wokked jumbo prawn and shrimp recipes here we'll be only using a tablespoon or so of fermented black beans for meals that serve 1-3 people, so you'll be getting your protein from your tofu and mushrooms depending upon your jumbo prawn recipes chosen.

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