How to Cook with a Wok | Mixing it up! Grilling.

Another great method for dealing with too much food to cook in your wok, is to cook ingredients you would normally cook in the wok on the grill or on the bbq. For example, you could take many of the one-pot wok recipes here and pull ingredients from the wok cooking and shift them to grill cooking. Sometimes how you cook with a wok is by not using the wok at all! You can easily grill jumbo prawns quickly on the grill on skewers. You can easily grill bell peppers. Grill the wok ingredients that lend themselves to the grill cooking techniques and then either serve them mixed into the wok recipes at the end of cooking, or serve them with the wok meal on the platter but not directly mixed into the wok meal.

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How to Care for a Wok | Seasoning a Wok | How to Clean a Wok | Easy and Simple Wok Cooking Techniques