Wok Cooking Shrimp and Prawns | Snow Peas

Another great podded pea for the wok recipe is the snow pea. Like snap peas (sugar snap peas) when you eat snow peas you eat the pea pods whole, so preparation of fresh snow peas is just as easy as preparing fresh snap peas. Preparation time for snow peas is about zero. Unlike snap peas, however, snow peas don't really have much to speak of in the actual 'pea' department, so they are flatter and a lot different in a meal than a snap pea. Properly cooked snow peas also have a more crunchy texture than properly cooked snap peas. Snap peas are somewhat like wood ears in texture, in fact. Don't add your snow peas to the wok recipe until very late, as you want them to remain crisp and only cook slightly.peas_snow_peas_wholeSnow Peas

You probably want to string your snow peas. String your snow peas just as you string your snap peas. Because snow peas are so much thinner than snow peas, you'll want to add them into your wok much later than you would add snap peas. Normally snow peas get added as the second to  last ingredient just before the jumbo prawns themselves in our jumbo prawn wok recipes.


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